Sponsorship Speech on Senate Resolution No. 958 Resolution Congratulating and Commending the Twenty-Six (26) Awardees of the 16th Ani ng Dangal Awards

April 29, 2024

Mr. President, my dear colleagues,
Today, we gather in this August chamber to recognize the talent and dedication of our 16th Ani ng Dangal Awardees, or ADA. It is my great pleasure and pride to present the Ani ng Dangal Awardees who represented the Philippines in the global artistic scene.

Since 2009, we have garnered an overwhelming number of artists who have received this prestigious award. As of counting, 740 artists were recognized from 2009 to 2023. These awards are not just tokens of appreciation but symbols of our pagiging marangal, malikhain, and mapagbago as Filipinos. As bannered by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the cultural agency that is dear and very close to my heart as I champion cultural initiatives.

I must say that receiving a trophy designed by our National Artist in Visual Arts, Abdulmari Asia Imao, is a great privilege and concrete evidence of the perseverance of our awardees. That said, the trophy itself embodies Filipino creativity, inspired by the Sarimanok of Maranaos as a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and a significant character in their arts. The stalk of rice represents the harvest of arts, and the seven colorful grains of rice symbolize the seven arts—architecture, cinema, dance, drama, literature, music, and visual arts.

Each awardee here with us today deserves such an award and trophy that went through careful consideration and meticulous artistry.

To the artists, performers, writers, filmmakers, and cultural advocates who have been honored in the Metropolitan Theater held on February 20, 2024 in the presence of His Excellency Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. and who will be honored again today: your work transcends our vast archipelago, delivering our cultural and artistic landscape throughout the globe; your work knows no boundaries, overcoming the language barrier, and touching the hearts and souls of people across the country and beyond. May you soar up high with the support of my office, the Senate of the Philippines, and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. May the wind and the Sarimanok be with you in your continued artistic endeavors.

We salute you for your dedication to excel, empower, and embrace your social responsibility and commitment to use your artistry for the prosperity of our nation. Congratulations once again to all the Ani ng Dangal Awardees. Share with us your knowledge. Bring our country great pride. Isang makasining at makaluntiang Pilipinas po sa ating lahat!

Thank you, Mr. President.