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Birth Name: Lorna Regina Bautista Legarda

Nickname: Loren

Born: January 28, 1960

Nationality: Filipino

Current duties:
Senator, 17th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines
• Chairperson, Senate Committee on Finance
• Chairperson, Senate Committee on Climate Change
• Chairperson, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

UNISDR Global Champion for Resilience

Desire for the Country:For God and our country, I am heeding the challenge of our time for a new kind of governance, politics, and leadership. I fully dedicate my life to serving the Filipino nation and now wish to make the meaningful change we desire as a people and the goal of sustainable and equitable development a reality for our country and our society. The time is now for all Filipinos and all sectors to unite and to act decisively in order to ensure good governance at national and local levels, enhance and strengthen rural livelihoods to uplift the poor, and stop the decline of our ecosystems.

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