Senator Loren Legarda Inauguration of Barangay Sideg Road

November 12, 2011

(Standard Greetings)
In recognizing the undoubtedly significant role of local government units in the lives of our people, it has been a part of my advocacy to strengthen and empower LGUs through various projects and by supporting programs in our local communities.
As a Senator, I am aware that most of our LGUs still need much support from the national government. This is precisely why we have our Priority Development Assistance Fund, so that we can allocate funds to help our local governments in responding to the needs and concerns of our citizens.
One of the primary roles of LGUs is the efficient and immediate delivery of basic services-food, medical needs, livelihood projects, and the provision of basic goods and relief services in times of disasters. This road which we are now inaugurating will be of great help to the local officials of Barangay Sideg, the Municipality of Paoay, and the Province of Ilocos Norte in carrying out the mandate of serving your constituents.
As public officials we share the common vision of working for the progress of our country and uplifting the lives of our people. Be assured that this project is just a part of a bigger program to help the LGUs.
I have filed and am pushing for the immediate passage of several bills that would strengthen and empower our LGUs. One of these proposed measures is Senate Bill 1419, which seeks to allow the direct remittance to the host LGU of its 40% share of the gross collection derived by the national government from national wealth taxes.
I understand that it usually takes a long time before LGUs receive their portion of the proceeds of the excise taxes, which has to be disbursed from the national government coffers. This causes the delay in financing projects that would spur the growth of local economy.
Through this bill, we would mandate corporations or any group, private or public, engaging in the utilization and development of the national wealth within the area, to directly remit to the concerned LGU its 40% share from the national wealth taxes. This measure would allow provincial, city, municipality, and barangay officials to immediately act on development projects for their respective areas of jurisdiction.
In this regard, I would like to encourage you, not only to support this bill and push for its immediate passage, but also to continue and strengthen our cooperation as we take part in nation building. Let us work together and efficiently accomplish our main tasks as public servants-on my part, to represent and voice out the concerns of our people and to craft laws and institutionalize programs that would address their needs; and on your end, to implement these laws and ensure that the worries and interests of your constituents are dealt with immediately and efficiently.
Thank you and more power to all of you!