Opening Statement: Budget Hearing of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

September 21, 2023

Sub-Committee on Finance
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
21 September 2023

A pleasant afternoon to everyone participating in this second budget hearing for the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, or TESDA.

The hearing of Sub-Committee “G” of the Committee on Finance is hereby called to order.

Our agenda for today is the Proposed FY 2024 Budget of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Secretary Suharto T. Mangudadatu has already presented the agency’s budget. As we examine the agency’s budget, let us keep in mind the significance of providing greater opportunities for empowering Filipinos through skill-based education and sustainable livelihood programs.

I firmly believe that technical education and skills development play a crucial role in enhancing our country’s workforce, reducing poverty, and ultimately improving the quality of life for our fellow Filipinos. Equipping our citizens with the necessary skills and knowledge ensures their self-reliance and enables them to make meaningful contributions to our society and economy.

As we proceed with the budget hearing today, I encourage all of us to keep in mind the bigger picture – a nation empowered, self-reliant, and prepared to face future challenges. Let us strive to ensure that TESDA’s programs remain robust, responsive to employment sector challenges, and relevant. These programs are essential in transforming our shared vision of a better Philippines into a reality.

I appreciate everyone’s contribution of their time, knowledge, and skills to this budget hearing, and I’m eager for a productive and positive discussion ahead.