Message: Pinyapel Special Setting

January 22, 2024

Message of Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda
Pinyapel Special Setting
January 22, 2024 | 2:00 PM |Senate of the Philippines

My fellow leaders and public servants, a pleasant afternoon. This exhibition is not merely a display but a living testament to our collective journey towards sustainable and innovative development.

The Pinyapel initiative, spearheaded by the Design Center of the Philippines, stands out as an example of our commitment to sustainable and circular design principles. By ingeniously repurposing agricultural waste, Pinyapel showcases the transformative potential of often overlooked resources in crafting various product applications.

This endeavor raises the bar for the design and value of Philippine products and makes a meaningful contribution to the global movement advocating for environmentally friendly practices and a holistic approach to sustainable development – economic, cultural, social, and environmental sustainability. As we gather here during the Zero Waste Month and the Philippine Tropical Fabric Month, it’s crucial to underscore Pinyapel’s commitment to closing the waste loop through its quadruple bottom line approach to circular design, deeply rooted in the ‘Malasakit’ principle of the Design Center of the Philippines—an ethos that embraces compassionate environmental stewardship and sense of accountability towards protecting and preserving the country’s ecosystems.

Pinyapel aligns with the zero-waste lifestyle and empowers Filipinos to veer away from the throw-away mentality rampant in our culture. By maximizing and supporting the potential of Pinyapel as an alternative material in packaging, tons of plastic waste will be prevented, helping us break free from the cycle of using single-use plastics that exacerbate climate change globally.

The Pinyapel Special Setting Exhibition reflects the innovative and sustainable Philippines we envision, achieved through converting and upcycling waste pineapple leaves into valuable commercial products.

Pinyapel’s collaboration with manufacturers across the Philippines, spanning the home, fashion, and packaging industries, has resulted in the development of eighty-five (85) artisanal and industrial products. These offerings utilize semi-processed materials, such as pinyapel pulp, pinyapel, pinyapel pulp biocomposite pellets, and other pineapple derivatives.

Having closely collaborated with the Design Center of the Philippines on various projects, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of design in ensuring the competitiveness of our products. With the inherent ingenuity of the Filipino people, we stand at the forefront of ushering in a new era of production and innovation that seamlessly aligns with our natural resources and biodiversity.

Innovation remains the cornerstone of our country’s development policies. As the principal author and co-sponsor of the Philippine Innovation Act, which recognizes innovation’s role in transforming the Philippines into a competitive nation, I urge all stakeholders to foster an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and supports sustainable economic growth.

I am confident that the Pinyapel Special Setting here at the Senate will act as a dynamic catalyst for change—a driving force for sustainable development and a blueprint for a greener, more innovative future for the Philippines. Let us make sustainability and resilience our future. Isang luntiang Pilipinas sa ating lahat!