Message of Senator Legarda: Launching of NBI Forensics Digest

June 23, 2016

Message of Senator Loren Legarda
Launching of NBI Forensics Digest
23 June 2016 | NBI Office, Taft, Manila


Foremost, I congratulate the NBI Forensic Investigation Service for publishing this journal of notable cases that were solved through the use of forensic investigation.


This is an important development in your unit’s information and education campaign that will make ordinary people better understand the relevance of your work in effectively carrying out the NBI’s mandate.


I wish to take this opportunity to salute our forensic experts whose role is very crucial in solving cases. You are the unsung heroes who do not share the limelight with other police officials and investigators but your work is key to delivering swift justice.


I also take note of your role in identifying victims of disasters, such as supertyphoon Yolanda. We hope that disasters would not cause deaths, but if they do, families of the victims would at least want proper burial for their loved ones.


I am also aware of the needs of the your unit and the NBI as a whole and we hope to address this, first through legislation, then to ensuring effective implementation of the law.


The NBI Modernization Act is now with the Office of the President. We hope it will be signed into law so that the NBI can maintain a modern work system, and competent and highly-trained personnel who will be at par with its foreign counterparts, especially in light of the constantly evolving modus of crimes.


We want to modernize the NBI through acquisition of state-of-the-art intelligence and forensic equipment. We also want to ensure that we maintain an elite and competent personnel through the provision of competitive compensation packages, including training, insurance benefits and scholarship grants for NBI agents and employees.


There are only a few days left before the start of the new administration, but in the unlikely event that the President vetoes the measure, I assure you that I will file this bill again in the 17th Congress and work towards its enactment.


I hope I can also encourage our NBI agents and personnel to join me in my advocacy on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, since natural hazards and climate change are already becoming threats to our security and basic human rights.


Again, congratulations to the NBI and the Forensic Investigation Service. I wish you greater success in carrying out your mandate.


Thank you.