Message: RDC and NEDA Antique Briefing

August 30, 2019

Message of Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda

Antique Briefing on the RDC and NEDA

30 August 2019 | San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

Good morning, everyone.

Thank you for attending this briefing on the mandates, functions, and responsibilities of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and the Regional Development Council (RDC). It is unfortunate that I am not able to attend this briefing with you as budget hearings are ongoing in the House of Representatives. Rest assured that I am studying the mandates, functions, and responsibilities of the NEDA and the RDC, too.

As elected local officials, our kasimanwa entrusted the leadership and management of the province to us and mandated us to serve them.

Programs and briefings such as this enable us to serve our purpose as government officials, because they allow us to learn about the different agencies of the government and their respective functions and responsibilities. They enlighten us on the various programs of the government and make coordination among agencies convenient.

Briefings also give us the opportunity to meet and work with other local government officials/units. They open rooms for discussion on how one community can help the other and so on.

Today, I hope that you will all learn something. The NEDA and the RDC play crucial roles in the economic growth and development of the province. It is only right then that we give them our attention and support in introducing their agency to the provinces.

Thank you and good day.