Co-Sponsorship Speech: Confirmation of the ad interim Appointment of Hon. Jesus Crispin Remulla as Secretary for the Department of Justice

September 19, 2022

Co-Sponsorship Speech

Confirmation of the ad interim Appointment of

Hon. Jesus Crispin Remulla

As Secretary for the Department of Justice

Session Hall, Senate of the Philippines

14 September 2022


Mr. President, my dear colleagues:

Jesus Crispin Remulla, the former Cavite representative seeks to be confirmed as Justice Secretary of this Republic. The position he has been appointed to is one that plays a vital role, not only in dispensing Justice but in bringing back the economy to a better state than even before the COVID-19 pandemic ravished our country. The pandemic has affected changes in the policy and practice of industries that it has impacted the response of the justice system in the detection, investigation, and resolution of crimes, like cybersecurity concerns and anti-competitive transactions. The position requires a Constitutionalist, it requires a man with a strong political will, and requires a tireless individual committed to his or her cause.

As a lawyer for 35 years, Secretary Remulla has committed himself and his career to upholding the rule of law. He has proven his competence in fighting for justice and upholding the Constitution. As a recognized Constitutionalist, Secretary Remulla is stern in his commitment to afford every man or woman fair access to Justice no matter the gender or station in life. He knows that justice delayed is justice denied – and that is why he wants to reorganize the department to efficiently uphold the rights of the people.

Furthermore, he has served in government for at least 30 years, both in the executive and legislative departments. The Department of Justice has ten (10) attached agencies. Thus, Secretary Remulla, a man with a strong political will, has the experience to thrive and excel in this position.

As of today, he has already accomplished one of his priorities which is the decongestion of the New Bilibid Prison. Just yesterday, he released 371 inmates, most of whom are senior citizens and those that have reached their maximum sentence. Further, to alleviate the inhumane situation at the Bureau of Corrections, he has proposed the transfer of the prison facilities to Nueva Ecija and Sablayan, Oriental Mindoro. Being the visionary that he is, this plan to decongest jails solves more than just a single problem. Persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) are a part of our society. So, we must strive to reform them to become useful and effective once they are afforded freedom. This, Remulla seeks to do.

Worthy of note is his desire to digitalize the operations of the Department of Justice. In line with President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr.’s desire to enhance the utility of technology in government, Secretary Remulla has already taken concrete steps toward realizing this goal. This initiative will further the transparency and accountability the Filipino people have long yearned for.

Even further, his solid commitment to rid the department of corruption and unnecessary red tape is more than just laudable. It is necessary. Secretary Remulla is not afraid to take on this challenge. We in government must work hand-in-hand in reaching our common goal, that is, to provide an efficient and effective justice system free of any specific controversies.

Likewise laudable is Secretary Remulla’s passion to curb Anti-Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Material. In his declaration of war against violators, he warned that they will be dealt with very seriously.

I believe that Secretary Remulla is more than just a fierce leader, he also has the merit and fitness required for the position. Having said that, Mr. President, colleagues, I move for the confirmation of the ad interim appointment of Atty. Jesus Crispin Remulla as Secretary of the Department of Justice.

Thank you, Mr. President.