Committee Report No. 30, Senate Bill No. 2796: “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2011”

May 11, 2011

Mr. President,
I would like to register my support for the measure Senate Bill No. 2796, the”Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2011″ under Committee Report No. 30.
With advancements in the Internet and other technological media allowing communication to cross geographic and national borders in a matter of seconds, everything has now become reachable with the click of a button. Computers have evolved into a versatile instrument in modern society. Networks of computers have become essential in maintaining and operating vital infrastructure. The use of computers in accessing the internet enabled linkages among individuals and organizations in doing business.
However, as the information and communications technology rapidly develops, new forms of criminal activities have emerged. Most of these technological advancements have been utilized by unscrupulous individuals for illegal activities such as computer-related fraud, cybersex and child pornography.
Fortunately today, this august assembly will take action on cybercrime offenses through this measure that addresses the need to provide a policy framework clearly defining the coverage of these offenses and imposing penalties for the same.
I hope that with the positive action of the Senate on this measure, we will be able to ensure a safe cyberspace for our people.
Thank you.