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Legarda on World Meteorological Day: Harness Power from the Sun to Limit Global Warming

March 23, 2019

In celebration of World Meteorological Day, March 23, Senator Loren Legarda urged public and private sector leaders to support initiatives and technologies that can harness the power from the sun, as an alternative and renewable source of energy, in order to limit global warming and mitigate the impacts of climate change.


Legarda on World Water Day: Ensure Availability and Sustainable Management of Water for All

March 22, 2019

In observance of World Water Day, March 22, Senator Loren Legarda supported the global call to ensure availability and the sustainable management of water to provide for current consumption and conserve for future generations.

Legarda said that this year’s celebration carries the theme “Leaving No One Behind,” which recognizes the human right entitling everyone, without discrimination, to sufficient, safe, acceptable, accessible, and affordable water for personal and domestic use.

“Having safe water means we secure public health. With people dying due to […]


Legarda Wants Antique to be Model for Resilience

March 21, 2019

Senator “Inday Loren” Legarda, UN Global Champion for Resilience, today said that she wants her home province of Antique to be a model for climate and disaster resilience. 

The three-term senator who authored/sponsored the country’s eight landmark environmental laws, including the Climate Change Act and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, made the statement at the first ever Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCAM) Summit.


Inday Loren Reopens Antique Harvest, Launches Book on SLTs

March 20, 2019

In an effort to promote the culture and arts of Antique, as well as boost tourism and trade in her home province, Senator “Inday Loren” Legarda today will reopen the Antique Harvest Fair and launch the book, Everyday Culture: Our Schools of Living Traditions.

This year’s Antique Harvest will be held from March 20 to 26 at the Robinsons Place Antique. It aims to promote Antique’s culinary heritage and tourist destinations and help the local producers to generate more income and orders.


Inday Loren Leads Women’s Month Celebration in Antique

March 20, 2019

Senator “Inday Loren” Legarda on Wednesday will lead the Women’s Month Celebration Culminating Program in San Jose de Buenavista, Antique.

Legarda, a champion of women and children’s rights and a staunch advocate of women empowerment, has been crafting laws designed to advance the role of women in society since her first term in 1998.


Legarda on Int’l Happiness Day: Consider Happiness in Policy Planning as a Wider Measure for People’s Wellbeing

March 20, 2019

In celebration of the International Day of Happiness, March 20, Senator Loren Legarda urged public and private sector leaders to consider people’s happiness in policy planning as a wider measure in improving the quality of life and wellbeing of Filipinos.

Legarda said that the event recognizes the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human goal and places its importance in public policy objectives towards a more inclusive, equitable, and balanced approach to economic growth.


Legarda Continues to Dominate Antique Survey

March 16, 2019

Senator “Inday Loren” Legarda continues to dominate the recent survey on Antiqueños’ top choice for Representative of the Lone District of Antique.
Eight out of 10 Antiqueños or 80.5% will vote for Legarda as Congresswoman of Antique, based on the recent survey conducted by Random Access Consultants, Inc. (RACI) from March 2-6, 2019.
Other candidates lag behind her. Former Governor Exequiel Javier only got 17.7% votes, and the rest with less than 1% each.
“I thank all my kasimanwas for their untiring support. […]


Legarda to LGUs: We Need to Bring Government Closer to the People

March 15, 2019

Senator Loren Legarda today said that local government units (LGUs) have an important role of bringing government programs closer to the people.

Legarda made the statement at the Joint Meeting of the Region VI Regional Development Council (RDC) and the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) held in Boracay Island on March 15, 2019.


Hibla Travelling Exhibition Goes to Japan

March 7, 2019

The Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition will be launched in Tokyo, Japan, Senator Loren Legarda announced today.

The National Museum of the Philippines, in partnership with the Office of Senator Loren Legarda, the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Tokyo, Japan, and the ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism (ASEAN-Japan Centre), will launch the Hibla Travelling Exhibition at the Siazon Hall, Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan on March 8, 2019. This will be the exhibit’s first launch in Asia after a successful run in Europe and the United States.


Legarda Joins Calls to Achieve Gender Balance, Says PH Can Lead

March 7, 2019

In observance of International Women’s Day (March 8), Senator Loren Legarda today said that the Philippines can lead the global effort to build a more gender-balanced world.


Legarda, who chairs the Senate Committees on Finance, Foreign Relations and Climate Change, said that other countries can learn from the Philippines, especially in terms of crafting the necessary legal mechanisms that would ensure gender equality and women empowerment.