Message of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda during the CVF Asia Regional Dialogue 2021

September 29, 2021

CVF Asia Regional Dialogue 2021
Ministerial Meeting
September 29, 2021
Friends and colleagues at the Climate Vulnerable Forum:
The reports of the past months tell us that we may not be doing enough to save our planet and our future.
Global warming might breach past the 1.5 survival threshold by 2040, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Our NDCs lead to a 2.7-degree world, according to the UN. July this year was also said to be the hottest month ever recorded, with […]

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Speech: VIP for VIP

September 27, 2021

“The center of the center of marine shore fish biodiversity in the world.”
This is how marine scientists call the 10-mile-wide strait Verde Island Passage or VIP that separates the islands of Luzon and Mindoro. It is so rich in marine life, it is internationally acknowledged as the richest marine biodiversity area in the entire Coral Triangle. The Passage is known to provide food, livelihood, and other benefits to over two million people.
But despite being considered as one of […]

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Speech: Launch of Sign-on Process for the Parliamentarians’ Call for a Fossil Fuel-Free Future

September 17, 2021

Let’s Speak with One Voice: Launch of Sign-on Process for the Parliamentarians’ Call for a Fossil Fuel-Free Future
The Need to Phase-out Fossil Fuel and Transition to Renewable Energy
September 17, 2021
Fellow advocates and parliamentarians, we meet today with urgent work ahead of us.
Just recently, more than 200 medical journals have warned in an unprecedented joint statement: even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change remains the greatest threat to public health; no temperature rise is safe; and we cannot wait for the […]

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Speech: 8th Para El Mar

September 10, 2021

Para el Mar
Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Support Network
Warm ecological greetings to the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Support Network! I truly love being in the company of people I no longer have to convince to campaign for nature.
I speak to you all in the company of these experts as a legislator. Last year, I spoke at a webinar along with Dr. Gretchen Daily and that event led to my filing of the PENCAS bill, the proposed Philippine Ecosystem and Natural […]

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Privilege Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda:

September 1, 2021

Privilege Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda
The State of Environment amid the Pandemic
01 September 2021
Mr. Speaker, distinguished colleagues in Congress: 
It has been over a year since the pandemic broke and put the whole world into lockdowns, forcing businesses to close and billions of people to suffer. Our health systems were ill-prepared to suppress COVID-19 from claiming the lives of over 4.3 million people worldwide, of which over 29,300 are fellow Filipinos.
More than a year later, or one national […]

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