PRIVILEGE SPEECH Hon. Speaker Loren Legarda Deputy Speaker Representative, Lone District of Antique House of Representatives United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and Climate Adaptation Summit

January 25, 2021

Mr. Speaker, distinguished colleagues in Congress, my beloved fellow Filipinos:
I address this humble chamber in recognition of a planet that is fast declining, as record highs of global warming, worsening effects of climate change, and economic shocks from this pandemic set us back to achieve our goals on sustainable and resilient development.
¬†Our planet has been sick for more than a century and half, which started when we began to burn fossil fuels that released harmful greenhouse gas emissions. This […]

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Statement of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda IRENA Legislators Forum Session 1 Panel Discussion: Renewable Energy as an enabler to rebuild better after COVID-19 13 January 2021

January 14, 2021

Thank you for this opportunity to be with colleagues in this Legislators Forum of theInternational Renewable Energy Agency, in partnership with the Global Renewables Congress.
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the sobering reality that the world is not as advanced, prosperous and as resilient as we thought it to be. We have realized that our societies and economic systems are fragile, and that we are only as strong as our most vulnerable.
The only way forward is to heed science and […]

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