Al Gore on Senator Loren Legarda

March 23, 2016

I have come to greatly admire the leadership of Senator Loren Legarda.
Some of the legislation that she has not only introduced but enacted, are now being regarded as model for many other countries around the world. She has been a passionate advocate for many years and she is now in a position of great authority and influence in the Senate. I meet with a lot of leaders around the world who deal with the climate issue. It really is […]

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Senator Loren Legarda at Ani ng Dangal

March 1, 2016

Senator Loren, Thank you so much for gracing Ani ng Dangal with your inspiring presence. The keynote message that you gave was very empowering to the artists. No other senator or high government official before you had understood how much culture, especially the arts, can contribute to a nation’s development. Best regards!
— Chairman Jun De Leon, National Commission for Culture and the Arts

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