Environmental Protection and Climate Action Through Everyday Practice

January 28, 2015

Senator Loren Legarda’s Privilege Speech
“Environmental Protection and Climate Action Through Everyday Practice”
28 January 2015 – Senate Session Hall
Mr. President,
In my three terms as a senator, I have stood in this chamber numerous times to speak about environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster resilience with the hope of influencing my colleagues and other leaders of the nation to include these issues in the priorities of government.
We have actually produced several relevant laws—the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, Clean […]

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ASEAN Youth Summit 2015

January 22, 2015

Speech for the ASEAN Youth Summit
Introduction to ASEAN Economic Integration 2015
De La Salle University-Manila
January 23, 2015
I speak before you today, against the backdrop of an emerging ASEAN Economic Community or AEC by December 2015.
ASEAN is one of the most diverse regions in the world. It is a region of 32,000 islands spanning over 4 million square kilometers and hosting more than 600 million people who speak more than 900 different […]

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Zero Waste Youth Convergence

January 7, 2015

Senator Loren Legarda’s Keynote Speech
Zero Waste Youth Convergence
7 January 2015 – Philippine Normal University, Manila
Much has been said about the resilience of the Filipino people to immediately rise up disaster after every disaster. However, the threat of natural hazards and extreme weather events to the survival of our communities requires us to match this strong spirit with the ability to act fast and act resolutely not only after disasters strike, but even in anticipation of natural hazards and extreme weather […]

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