The Security Implications of Climate Change

January 26, 2011

I am pleased to jointly organize with the British Embassy this important lecture on the security implications of climate change. This forum came at a great time as this will help generate inputs to on-going legislative discussions on ways by which the country’s strategies and responses to climate change can be best addressed.
I often assert in various dialogues that climate change has become the greatest humanitarian and development challenge of our time.
While the Philippine level of carbon dioxide […]

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Philippine Tropical Fabrics Day

January 24, 2011

Mr President, my distinguished colleagues:
Today, January 24, has been declared by MalacaƱang as the “Philippine Tropical Fabrics Day.” The objective is to increase awareness on the use of indigenous fibers and fabrics. Proclamation No. 86 is the government’s recognition of the importance of promoting our nation’s rich resources, particularly our indigenous fibers and fabrics through the implementation of Republic Act 9242, or the Philippine Tropical Fabrics Law, which this representation authored in our first term. This measure intends to […]

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Expanded Anti-Trafficking Act of 2010 Committee Report No. 13 / Senate Bill No. 2625

January 17, 2011

Nine hundred forty nine trafficking in persons cases in ten years or nearly a hundred Filipinos victimized each year — such was the situation seven years ago when Republic Act 9208 or the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act was enacted.
Today, it is estimated that more than 2000 Filipinos fall prey into trafficking each year.
Distinguished colleagues, behind these numbers are stories of individuals whose freedom of choice is impaired by desperation or helplessness, thus rendering them vulnerable to exploitation. Victims […]

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DISASTER RISK REDUCTION CAMPAIGN LAUNCH FOR REGION-VII Making Cities and Municipalities Resilient: “My City, My Town is Getting Ready!”

January 13, 2011

As UNISDR regional champion, I am pleased to be a part of this momentous region-wide launch of UNISDR’s campaign, Making Cities and Municipalities Resilient: “My City, My Town is Getting Ready!”
I am aware of the significant efforts made by the partner stakeholders to make this important event happen.
With 50 mayors and 30 vice mayors, together with Governor Gwen Garcia and all the other key stakeholders in the Province of Cebu and in Region VII gathered here for a collective purpose […]

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