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STATEMENT OF DEPUTY SPEAKER LOREN LEGARDA Head of the Philippine Delegation to COP25 on the outcome of the recently-concluded climate conference in Madrid, Spain

December 19, 2019

I welcome the conclusion of the United Nations Climate Conference (COP25) held last week in Madrid. I welcome its close for several reasons, not all of which may be self-evident, and so I wish to spell them out:
Confronted by the most serious crisis humanity has ever faced, leaders of the most advanced nations that also happen to bear the greatest responsibility in creating and exacerbating today’s climate crisis, have chosen instead to lean back and watch as the world burns.
I […]


Message of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda during the Launch of Cátedra Extraordinaria De Filipinas at the Universidad de Complutense de Madrid 13 December 2019

December 13, 2019

Our culture is our soul and while many do not realize it, we need to release our cultural energy, which serves as our motivation to work and engage in meaningful and profound social interaction.

Art, history, social sciences are forms that encompass cultural diplomacy, which I deem as the Philippines’ fourth pillar of foreign policy, a  key to opening up the country to political and economic initiatives with other nations. 

In consonance with this belief, I was firm […]


Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda Panel Discussion on ASEAN Priorities for COP26 December 12, 2019 | Madrid, Spain

December 12, 2019

For the Philippines, COP26 will be a defining moment in our history. We view it as the start of the full implementation of the Paris Agreement, as we strive to finalize the Paris rulebook in this year’s COP.

The period from COP25 to COP26 will also be just as crucial, as countries are given until March next year to submit their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which should reflect scaled up commitments 2 in order to achieve the prescribed climate goals in the Paris Agreement.


PHILIPPINE STATEMENT BY HON. LOREN LEGARDA DEPUTY SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES High Level Segment 25th Session of the Conference of Parties (COP 25) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Madrid, Spai

December 11, 2019

Madam President,
On behalf of the Filipino people, we thank the people of Spain for rising to the extraordinary challenge of co-hosting COP25. We are confident that the Chilean Presidency will deliver on the higher ambition and faster action that the 1.5 Paris goal requires of the global community.
The latest science tells us that our options to survive and thrive are swiftly diminishing. So in this COP, let us finish the work at hand — that which lets us translate the […]


High-Level Forum of Global Commission on Adaptation Convening Countries: Raising Ambition Ahead of the 2020 Climate Adaptation Summit 10 December 2019 | 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM Institucion Ferial de Madrid-Feria de Madrid Madrid, Spain

December 10, 2019

The challenge posed by the climate crisis is nothing short of daunting.
Many have been calling on governments to declare a climate emergency. In my view, we have been in a climate emergency since two decades ago.
What we need now is to act decisively with courage, hope, and an unmistakable sense of urgency.
We must approach ambition with the correct frame of mind — we need to focus on scale and speed, because we need to go big and to act fast.
We […]


Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda: Climate Renewable Forum High Level Press Event for the Madrid Ambition Drive for Survival (#MAD4survival) 10 December 2019 | 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Chiloe Room, Hall 10 (Valparaiso), IFEMA Madrid, Spain

December 10, 2019

Let us state the facts plainly, so that no one will misunderstand our collective message.
We live in an upside down world. 
Today, children have stepped forward to lead.
Today, as our world burns, adults expected to act like leaders behave like children. 
When our youth demand action from those with the means to stave off this crisis, the rich and the powerful gaze at their navels, seemingly in love with the illusion they can bring their wealth to the afterlife.
In the meantime, millions […]


First State of the District Address Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda

August 2, 2019

First State of the District Address
Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda
Friday, 2 August 2019
Binirayan Gym, San Jose, Antique
Mga kababayan, fellow Antiqueños:
Good morning.
I am very pleased to join you today and I am privileged and honored to deliver to you my first State of the District Address.
This day is like no other. As the first woman Representative of our dear province to be elected to the House of Representatives and the first Antiqueño Deputy Speaker, I am truly humbled, and I consider this opportunity to report […]


Message: Opening of the Homecoming of “The City Who Had Two Navels”

July 4, 2019

Message of Senator Loren Legarda
Opening of the Homecoming of
“The City Who Had Two Navels”
2 July 2019 | Metropolitan Museum of Manila
Dr. Edson Cabalfin’s “The City Who Had Two Navels” was our Philippine Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. That year, the theme of the Central Exhibition was “Freespace” and it urged countries to bring their own Freespace in Venice through the national pavilions.
Tonight, we are gathered in what Dr. Cabalfin views as […]


Inaugural Speech of Hon. Loren Legarda as Representative of the Lone District of Antique

June 30, 2019

Inaugural Speech of Hon. Loren Legarda
as Representative of the Lone District of Antique
30 June 2019 | San Jose de Buenavista, Antique
In 1998, when I received my first mandate from the Filipino people as Senator of the Republic, I came home to Antique, in Pandan, and took my oath of office before the town’s mayor. Pagkatapos kang biyente uno ka tuig. Nagpanumpa ako sa pagserbisyo sa akun pinalangga nga probinsya, sa liwat pagkatapos nga ako gintugruan kang mandato bilang inyo representante sa […]


Message: National Day Reception

June 19, 2019

Message of Senator Loren Legarda
National Day Reception
19 June 2019 | Philippine Embassy in Berlin
As the Embassy commemorates the 121st anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine Independence on this day when we also celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, we might as well highlight our National Hero who was instrumental in achieving Philippine sovereignty.
Dr. Jose Rizal was an unparalleled visionary whose thoughts and actions greatly influenced the country’s social and political landscape. The progress and freedom that […]