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Keynote Speech

Message of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda at the Closing Ceremony of the Global Resolve against Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC) November 20, 2020

May 19, 2021

Good afternoon.
All of us here share the same commitment towards protecting our children, even as each of us took different paths getting here. Mine began even before I became a legislator but what I consider to be the most important milestone was during my first term as Senator when I was privileged to sponsor Senate Bill 2444, which later on became Republic Act 9208 or the Anti Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 — the first anti-trafficking law in South […]


A Rational and Just Approach to Restoration and Management April 28, 2021

April 28, 2021

My warmest greetings to my fellow panelists and everyone at their workstations participating in this Webinar series on Forest and Landscape Restoration in the Philippines.
I think we are off to a great start, and I am very excited about how we can support the initiatives on forest and landscape restoration with legislation. Legislators play an important role in setting the pace and in advancing the rational use of the national patrimony.
      In my three terms in the Senate, we […]


Speech on Parliamentary Webinar on Tackling the Climate Crisis: Transitioning to a Global Green Economy

April 22, 2021

My warmest greetings to my fellow legislators and parliamentarians from all over the world, to everyone from US-Asia Institute and Air Quality Asia, and everyone else joining this webinar on how legislators can lead the way in tackling the climate crisis and pushing for the transition to a global green economy.


I am looking forward particularly to the panel discussion later, and I am honored and happy to share insights and lessons from my own experience in the Philippines, where I have been working on these very issues in Congress since my first term as Senator in 1998.


Keynote Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda for the 7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum

March 8, 2021

Plenary Session on Policy and Climate Governance
7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum
“Enabling Resilience for All: The Critical Decade to Scale-up Action”
08 March 2021
Good day to all our colleagues in this plenary session on policy and climate governance for the 7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum.
The massive scale of the climate crisis has never been more evident than today. We meet today in recognition of a planet that is fast declining, as record highs of 2020 as the warmest year and […]


Keynote Speech of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda Representative, Lone District of Antique House of Representatives VISAYAS REGIONAL FUTURE EARTH COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION WORKSHOP 23 February 2021 Zoom Digital Meeting Platform

February 23, 2021

Good day, everyone. Isang luntiang Pilipinas sa inyong lahat!
Thank you to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), and the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) for organizing this Future Earth Philippines Regional Workshop for Visayas and for this honor to be part of this important event.
My warmest appreciation to all of you here today—to our national agencies, local government units, state universities and colleges (SUCs), private higher education institutions (HEIs), […]


Message of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda Education Capability Seminars for the Department of Education Supervisors of Antique

September 29, 2020

At the outset, allow me to extend my warmest greetings to all the Officers of the Schools Division of Antique led by Mrs. Lisa Beriong and the District Supervisors of Antique who have been chosen to attend this seminar, organized by the Development Academy of the Philippines through the Center for Governance – Operations Management Office. 
I am particularly pleased that this seminar, turned webinar, is finally implemented.  This is part of the capability building program that I funded when I […]


Message of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda Parliamentary Breakfast of the Global Renewables Congress December 9, 2019 | Madrid, Spain

December 9, 2019

Good morning to my fellow legislators. 
It is an honor and a pleasure to be with colleagues in this Parliamentary Breakfast of the Global Renewables Congress. I thank Chairperson Bärbel Höhn for this opportunity to hold a dialogue on renewable energy and its role in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. 
I am often asked why the Philippines—a highly climate-vulnerable archipelagic country considered a non-emitter with only 0.3% contribution to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—should exert so much effort to achieve […]


Keynote Address of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda Ocean and Climate Change— Contribution of the Space Technology December 6, 2019 | Japan Pavilion, Feria de Madrid

December 6, 2019

Good morning to our distinguished guests; colleagues; ladies; and gentlemen.
I thank the Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (OPRI-SPF) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for this honor and privilege to speak in this event.
In 2016, the Philippines made history, as our very first Filipino-designed and -assembled microsatellite, called Diwata-1, was launched into space. Two years later, its sibling, Diwata-2, was sent into orbit. A nanosatellite, called Maya-1, was also deployed into space in 2018.
The development of these satellites was made possible through the Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Microsatellite Program (PHL-MICROSAT), which is acollaboration among the Department of Science […]


Message: Philippine Harvest: Antique

November 29, 2019

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) represent the majority of our enterprises and comprise the largest bulk of our workforce in the country. In 2008, I pushed for the enactment of Republic Act 9501 or the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Act to harness opportunities for employment in this sector and livelihood development in the communities.


Keynote Speech: 2019 Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness Week

November 19, 2019

Today, as we mark the 12th year of our country’s observance of Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness Week, the call to accelerate and enhance our actions in addressing the impacts of climate change has never been more critical. The latest climate science has repeatedly articulated the worst case and best case scenarios for communities, for governments, for citizens as we confront the adverse impacts of climate change. We have reached the point of no return. It is either we decide to act to survive, or we stagnate and perish. As we look at disasters happening around the world, we can conclude—the planet has truly reached a tipping point.