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Co-sponsorship Speech

Senate Bill No. 3208, An Act Fortifying the People’s Right of Ownership over Information Held by the People’s Government

December 4, 2012

Senate Session Hall;For years, the Philippine government has been hounded by many controversies, each leaving a dent in the credibility of the bureaucracy. In previous congresses, we had investigated various reports and issues involving government officials alleged of betraying public trust.


AFP Modernization Act

May 17, 2012

Senate Session Hall;Article II, Section 3 of the Philippine Constitution states that, “The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is the protector of the people and the State. Its goal is to secure the sovereignty of the State and the integrity of the national territory.”


Committee Report No. 94, Senate Bill No. 3091 National Land Use Act

March 21, 2012

Mr. President,
I am pleased to state my support for this measure that seeks to provide a unified legal framework that will ensure a rational, holistic, and just allocation, use and management of the country’s land resources.
As we know, the lack of a comprehensive land use policy has resulted to an irrational use of our land resources such as conversions of irrigable lands into residential locations, ancestral lands into mining sites, and use of hazard-prone areas for human settlements. […]


Environmental Planning Act of 2012

February 28, 2012

In this era when the severity and frequency of natural hazards and extreme weather events are unpredictable, rural development and urban planning have become even more critical. We have witnessed whole villages being swept away by enormous floods and various infrastructure crumbling during strong earthquakes.
It is unfortunate that it is only after disasters strike that we realize how badly we have abused our natural resources; that we have failed to faithfully pursue sustainable, adaptable and resilient development.
The development […]


An Act Amending Articles 363 and 364 of Act No. 3815, Otherwise Known as the Revised Penal Code

January 31, 2012

Our reputation is an aspect of our lives that we continuously seek to protect, as public perception about us undeniably extends to our loved ones and our families. To extremists, a good name is regarded as more important than life itself, since the former leaves an imprint that lasts beyond the latter.


Committee Report No. 53 Senate Bill No. 50 Department of Information and Communications Technology Act

September 14, 2011

Mr. President,
I would like to register my utmost support for the passage of the proposed “Department of Information and Communications Technology Act”.
As we know ICT is everywhere; from governance to social networking, education to fun and games, and selling to shopping. We take pride in ourselves as the texting capital of the world.
The business processing and outsourcing (BPO) sector projects huge amounts of future revenues as well as employment opportunities for the Filipino people.
Information has increasingly […]


Committee Report No. 52 Proposed Senate Resolution No. 546 “Resolution Concurring in the Ratification of the Statute of the International Criminal Court”

August 8, 2011

Mr. President,
It is a rare occasion that the Senate considers an issue that recalls the broad sweep of developments in the last century if only to remind us that it proved to be one of the most violent periods of human history. It was characterized by two world wars, the Korean war, the Vietnam war and its 50 years toward the beginning of the present millennium pervaded by the tension of the Cold War that constantly pushed humanity to […]


Committee Report No. 30, Senate Bill No. 2796: “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2011”

May 11, 2011

Mr. President,
I would like to register my support for the measure Senate Bill No. 2796, the”Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2011″ under Committee Report No. 30.
With advancements in the Internet and other technological media allowing communication to cross geographic and national borders in a matter of seconds, everything has now become reachable with the click of a button. Computers have evolved into a versatile instrument in modern society. Networks of computers have become essential in maintaining and operating vital […]